Since the introduction of supercaps, energy experts debate the difference, advantages and similarities between batteries and supercaps.

The reality is: Supercapacitors and Batteries are totally different and each one has its own value, application and place (and may I also say: its own price…).

Supercaps is a capacitor and not a battery cell.  It has a million cycles, re-load super fast, and its life expectancy is more or less 45 years. It is compatible with most Grid inverters and super easy to install.  Everything is “super” about supercapacitors

Premium Solar Energy installed supercaps for a client in Paarl.  It looks super cool and works like a dream…..!

Premium Solar Energy is one of the first solar energy companies in the Western Cape with experience installing these super-fast, super-cool supercaps.

If you want more info to see whether it can work for you, please give us a call.

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