• Your main goal is to save on your electricity bill.
• You want the option to export your excess power to the Grid if possible.
Important to know:
• You do not have a back-up if the Grid is off (load shedding etc).
• You have an inverter and solar modules to generate power during the day.
• Your solar system is modular and can be expanded.


Your Solar Energy System is made up of an Inverter, Solar modules, Batteries and/or a Generator.
• You do not have any access to ESKOM and need to generate your own electricity
• You have to install batteries as storage to use during the night/overcast days
• A generator is advisable in a off grid scenario and can also be used as a back-up depending on the size of your storage (depending on your needs/requirements)
• You have an inverter and solar modules to generate power during the day. The excess power is stored in the batteries, which can then be used whenever there is a demand. If the battery capacity is not enough, it means that you need more storage capacity. Otherwise, the generator can feed the excess demand (if it is a part of your solar solution).

Hybrid Solar Energy Option

• You want to save on your electricity bill.
• Your intention and requirement are to upgrade your Solar Energy System and be more independent from the Grid by using batteries during load shedding and/or overcast days.
• You want the option to export excess electricity to the Grid if possible.
• You are a self-consumer and generate/store whatever you need for day/night.


• You want to be covered for load shedding or any power-cut.
• You are not interested in any saving of your electricity bill – the requirements are power 24/7.
• You will be able to install solar modules if and when you want, according to local legal requirements.
• The size of your storage facility (batteries) will be determined by the essential load (lights, TV, wifi, fridge, etc etc)


Most of the time, your Solar Energy System will be a custom-designed Solution according to your requirements and budget.

We use a perfect mix of the above options and the available technology to make sure you get the best Solar Energy option.

• Your Solar Energy System needs to be registered and approved by local municipalities (Small Scale Embedded Generation – SSEG). Not all Solar Energy Systems are legal. The Western Cape authorities have a list of approved technology and your Solar Energy System needs to fit their criteria.
• Legal requirements also entail a certified PV GreenCard. Make sure that the Solar Company/Consultant you use, has the necessary expertise and documents.
• Not all municipalities allow you to export. However, the Western Cape is the leading region in this regard.
• In case of a back up system only, you do not need to apply for SSEG.